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 [MEP] SUMMER 2015

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MessageSujet: [MEP] SUMMER 2015 Mar 14 Juil - 1:31

Don't forget to comment and share with all!


First of all, you have to understand that this isn't a video for a contest or something like that. This is a video for enjoying it while you are watching it! You can have favourite parts, but don't blame editors who have put all their effort Smile.

This is the first Multi Editor Project that I host (Strat) and I can say that all the pain is well deserved. The project started 2 months ago and finally is here!

In this video have participated 16 editors and one air conditioning.

INTRO: Strat + Angel Beats + Charlotte + Nagi no Asukara + Ore Monogatari!! + Kyoukai no Kanata + No Game no Life
Part 1: iHaki-kun + Kuroko no Basuke
Part 2: Yuka770 + Hyouka
Part 3: amv4fun + Shokugeki no Souma
Part 4: DanParthenis + Free!
Part 5: AnimeBros + To Aru  Kagaku no Railgun + Evangelion
Part 6: xGeminii + Love Live!
Part 7: Senshiina かわいい + Mayo Chiki
Part 8: MRiot07 + God Eater
Part 9: GodFire91 + HighSchool DxD
Part 10: JessD AMVs + Suisei no Gargantia
Part 11: Pandamonium AMVs + Nisekoi:
Part 12: Edward: Sakasama no Patema The Movie + Nerawareta Gakuen
Part 13: MoonieAMV + "It's a Rumic World Urusei Yatsura - The Shogaibutsu Suiei Taikai"
Part 14: Koinu + Nagi no Asukara
Part 15: wiki996 + Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto
OUTRO: Strat

Dernière édition par Strat le Jeu 16 Juil - 5:54, édité 1 fois
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MessageSujet: Re: [MEP] SUMMER 2015 Mar 14 Juil - 1:35
Je ne suis pas fan de MEP mais j'aime bien la musique.
Il y a un bon niveau dans tous cela.
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MessageSujet: Re: [MEP] SUMMER 2015 Mar 14 Juil - 13:13
Hi! I really like the MEP, we are quickly in the mood of summer but the Track 5,8 ( the beginning )
,12,14 are not at all in the theme of Summer.
I think , we are not in the "spirit" of celebration because of these Track.
It is pity because some time there is a very good track :/
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MessageSujet: Re: [MEP] SUMMER 2015 Mar 14 Juil - 23:14
Nice one, but as Zaay said, no always in the theme. Good job otherwise and nice outro Smile

But you convinced me never to watch Shokugeki no Souma... This anime seems to be a big WTF x)

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MessageSujet: Re: [MEP] SUMMER 2015
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